Degree Zero began as a follow up to my previous book Stand B. It is an exploration of the human condition and internal dialogue experienced during moments of transition. During moments of transition, individuals often become lost in thought becoming unaware of the physical notions present in their current environment. This was something I wanted to investigate and capture. I used my camera as a way to see into the various notions of human existence; the spiritual, emotional, unconscious and physical dimensions present within any given moment. Through the medium of abstraction, a physical form is given to the thought life and emotional states of these anonymous individuals, allowing the viewer a glimpse into the invisible nature of humanity.




A look into capturing individuals lost in thought when travelling. All images taken from STAND B, Sheffield Interchange, 2016

Street Photography Stand B 01
Street Photography Stand B 03
Street Photography Stand B 07
Street Photography Stand B 02



Death brings a whirlwind of emotions that seem to hover like a fog over every aspect of life. In September 2016, I lost 3 friends unexpectedly within 4 weeks. Not knowing how to process the grief, I turned to my camera, using it as a way to document how I felt, but also to find some element of hope that everything would be okay again eventually.

Personal Photography - States 01
states - personal photography 02
states - personal photography 03
states - personal photography 06



This particular project is grounded in the concepts of abstraction and distortions of reality. Through the visual language of photography, my focus is to reveal the unseen emotions, thoughts and feelings we all experience at times that can feel overwhelming and suffocating. In addition to this I wanted to make the point that our emotions do not define us as person.

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undisclosed abstract photography  04
undisclosed abstract photography  02
undisclosed abstract photography  05
undisclosed abstract photography  03
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One afternoon I was reading the label of my new facial moisturiser and was struck by the amount of chemicals inside i knew nothing about. Looking at other products used within my home, I found that many ingredients were linked to extremely harmful health problems. By using photography and the chemicals I was investigating, I was able to create a physical chemical reaction on the paper to give a visual form to the unseen effects of these chemicals on our bodies.

Toxic reality project 02
a toxic reality project 01